Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

First registration of a watercraft using the e-services

The first registration must be completed before you put a watercraft into service in Finland. You can complete the first registration in our e-services if you are one of the watercraft’s owners and aged 15 or over. You need to be identified to use this service.

Do the following:

1: Scan or photograph the documents

Check that the deed of transfer (External link) details separately both the watercraft and its engine, even if they are sold as parts of a single package, for instance in the case of water scooters, as well as the details of the seller and the buyer. 

Check that you have declarations of conformity in accordance with the Directive on recreational craft for both the new boat and the engine. Declarations of conformity are usually available in user instruction manuals.

Make sure you enter the engine serial number in the correct format . Different makes have different serial number formats. Having the correct engine serial number is important to make sure that the system can find the information if the engine has already been registered or if the manufacturer has submitted an advance notification. 

Scan or photograph the documents before you start filling in the notification.

2: Prepare to fill in a number of technical specifications on the watercraft and its engine

You can have a look at the notification form (External link) in advance to familiarise yourself with the required information. All information marked with an asterisk (*) on this form is also mandatory when you carry out the first registration in the e-services. 

3: Log in to our e-services

Identification is required to use the service. You must be aged 15 or over.

4: Select the service

Select the First registration of a watercraft service. 

5: Fill in the information

Complete the information of the owners/holders of the craft. As an identified user you are automatically the owner of the watercraft, and this information cannot be changed.  Enter the WIN code, and complete the information on the watercraft and its engine. 

6: Acknowledge modifications and pay

Pay the fee for the first registration and remember to click on the Return to the seller's service button to receive a confirmation and print your receipt.

If you indicated that you intend to deliver some of the attachments by mail, print out a covering letter on the confirmation page. When you attach the covering letter to the mailed documents, they can be linked to the right form and the registration can be processed faster. Please note that if you have indicated your intention to send some of the attachments by mail, the processing of your registration will not start before all the required attachments have been received. 

The processing time of a notification is around one to two weeks. A new registration certificate will be mailed to your home address once your watercraft has been registered.  

You can log on to My e-Services to check if the watercraft is shown as registered under your name. If it is, you may use the craft, even if you have not received the registration certificate yet. However, remember to attach the registration number to the craft as instructed. If necessary, the authorities can check the system to see that the watercraft has been registered and that the certificate is being issued. It is, however, a good idea to always keep the bill of sale in the watercraft when using it.