Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Vehicle data and tax payment

By typing in a registration number or a vehicle identification number, you can check the technical and vehicle tax data of any vehicle entered in the Transport Register free of charge. Data on a vehicle's owners and history are provided subject to a fee.

You can access the following data using the service

  • technical data (free)
  • inspections (free)
  • taxation (free)
  • names of owner and holder (subject to a fee)
  • history (subject to a fee) 

You can also pay any tax that is due or overdue using this service.  

The content of register entries varies depending on the type and registration date of the vehicle. Access to the data may be restricted. In this case, Traficom cannot disclose personal data related to the vehicle. This will not affect the fee charged for retrieving register entries.

Conditions for using the service

  • To log in to My e-Services, you need to verify your identity using online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.
  • To pay vehicle tax, you need online banking codes.
  • You can only search for vehicles that have been entered in the Transport Register. 
  • To open PDF files, you need Adobe Reader software. You can download it free of charge at (External link).

Please note

  • The primary purpose of the service is to allow consumers who are in the process of purchasing a vehicle to verify the reliability of the vehicle and owner data provided by the seller, such as whether the seller owns the vehicle in question. Any information retrieved using the service must not be used for illegal purposes or for purposes that could compromise the privacy of individuals.
  • The service is only available for authenticated private customers.
  • The number of queries is limited.
  • The vehicle registration data in the service go back to approximately 1989.
  • The taxation data does not show the name of the taxpayer. Instead, the service shows whether the taxpayer is the "nykyinen" (current), "aiempi" (previous) or "viimeisin" (most recent) taxpayer for the vehicle.
  • Information on taxation is available for vehicles with a valid registration number.
  • The ownership history contains information on one natural person as a previous owner. For others, and if the ownership has ceased more than five years ago, the history data only shows the type and period of ownership. Information on organisations as owners is always provided.
  • For owners, holders and those subject to notification of transfer, the only available information is their name.
  • Personal data will not be available if the vehicle has been deregistered for more than ten years ago or the data is subject to some other disclosure restrictions.
  • The historical vehicle data subject to a fee includes information on the vehicle’s ownership, inspections, insurance, deregistration or decommissioning and use. 
  • A notification of transfer means that the registered owner of a vehicle has notified Traficom that they have sold the vehicle to someone else.
  • In addition to registration and vehicle identification numbers, you can search for vehicles by category. To search for a quadricycle, use the vehicle category 'motorcycle'.