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What is a CE marking?

"CE marking" means a marking by which the manufacturer indicates that the product is in conformity with the applicable requirements set out in Union harmonisation legislation providing for its affixing. CE-marked products may be marketed across the EU/EEA territory without additional testing.

In addition to the CE marking, the product must also have an owner’s manual and a declaration of conformity; in Finland, these documents must be provided in Finnish and Swedish.

The Recreational craft directive (2013/53/EU) applies to watercraft intended for sports and leisure purposes. 

Products covered by the Recreational craft directive that must have a CE marking 

The requirement of having a CE marking applies to pleasure craft and water scooters of hull length from 2.5 to 24 m, and engines attached to them. The CE marking requirement also applies to certain equipment, including steering systems, fuel tanks intended for fixed installations, fuel hoses, and hatches and port lights when sold separately.

However, the Recreational craft directive does not apply to racing boats, canoes, kayaks, historical watercraft or watercraft built for own use, nor surfboards, experimental watercraft, air cushion vehicles, hydrofoils, submersibles, amphibious vehicles or steam powered watercraft.

Responsibility for the CE marking

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that their product meets the requirements. Importers and distributors should ensure that the manufacturer has fulfilled their obligations and that the product has a CE marking and the required documents in the correct languages.

If a CE-marked watercraft is modified so that it may no longer meet the requirements of the original CE marking, the party making the modifications must re-certify the product and attach a new CE marking to it.

A private individual is responsible for the CE marking if they import a used watercraft without a CE marking from outside the EU/EEA territory.


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