Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Supervision of the obligations imposed on universal service providers

Traficom regularly monitors the realisation of universal service and supervises that the designated universal service providers comply with the obligations imposed on them. Traficom can take supervisory measures on the basis of a customer complaint or take up the matter for examination on its own initiative.

Supervision matters handled by Traficom can concern, for example, the availability of a subscription, the reasonableness of its pricing or the quality.

Traficom monitors the pricing of universal communications services and compares the pricing to the general price level of communications services. However, Traficom can provide an opinion on a subscription price considered to be reasonable only in single cases.

If a universal service provider does not comply with its obligations, Traficom may order the provider to rectify its actions within a reasonable time. If necessary, a conditional fine may be imposed in support of the obligation.