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Front Page: Traficom

5G Innovation Award

The jury was looking for a 5G innovator whose solution either provides an entirely new kind of service or adds significant value to an existing product or service. In addition, two awards were reserved for organisations, which have contributed to making 5G visible nationally and/or internationally and demonstrated considerable creativity in 5G development.

The Port Oulu Smart digitalisation project was selected as the winner. Working with a range of partners, the Port of Oulu develops, tests and utilises some of the world’s first 5G solutions for industrial and logistics applications. The project sees a versatile digital infrastructure built in the Port of Oulu, which aims to benefit all involved stakeholders. The project stood out due to its innovative excellence, potential applications and scalability.

LuxTurrim5G -ecosystems 5G/IoT network and local data analysis platform is the first of its kind, and aims to take cities’ digital services to the next level. The LuxTurrim5G smart pole concept is being developed through wide-ranging ecosystem cooperation. The worldwide interest LuxTurrim5G’s solution has attracted is proof of excellent work that has also brought significant visibility to the possibilities of 5G. 

Remote Medical Expertise project the remote medical consultation and group education solution makes use of a 5G network to send 360-degree video from AR glasses and patient data gathered by biosensors and other connected instruments to a remote viewing station. This allows a medical specialist to manage the treatment of a patient or a group of medical students to follow procedures and measurement data as well as hear the reports of the attending physician and the patient. The solution significantly reduces the need for travel, and can be utilised in a number of other applications outside the medical sector, from teaching to industrial maintenance and condition inspections of buildings. 

The jury: The 5G Momentum project group composed of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, together with a representative of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Marjo Uusi-Pantti, Project Manager, 5G Momentum, tel. +358 29 539 0103

The winners discuss their projects and ideas.

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