Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

By ensuring and managing the technical operability of telecommunications networks, the reliability and quality of communications services provided by telecommunications operators is guaranteed in different situations. Technical operability means fulfilment of the service quality, reliable performance capacity in normal and disruptive situations, management of the capacity, network neutrality, and interoperability.

Regulations concerning technical operability

In order to support the technical regulation, Traficom may issue further regulations for steering technical operability. Traficom's regulations concern the quality of the service provided in communications networks and universal service, interoperability of communications networks and services, and technical characteristics of devices connected to local loop networks. The obligations laid down in the regulations can concern, for example, routing of telephone traffic, management of the communications network capacity, portability of the caller's number between operators, emergency traffic, ensuring or supervision of communications networks, network neutrality of broadband subscriptions (i.e. internet access services).

Recommendations and other publications concerning technical operability 

In addition to the regulations, Traficom steers technical operability in other ways as well, for example by issuing recommendations and by publishing reports. A list of all recommendations can be found on the Finnish page of Technical operability in telecommunications (at the bottom of the page).