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Front Page: Traficom

Obligations of economic operators

In addition to manufacturers, other operators in the supply chain, such as importers and distributors, are also required to ensure that only complaint equipment is sold.

The obligations of different operators are defined in chapter 30 of the Act on Electronic Communications Services and in the Market Surveillance Regulation (External link) (e.g. Article 4). The list below includes the main obligations of economic operators. For more detailed information on the obligations, please see the relevant legislation. 

Links to legislation, guidance and other useful information on radio equipment are available here .

Manufacturer means any natural or legal person who manufactures radio equipment or has radio equipment designed or manufactured, and markets that equipment under his name or trade mark.

Authorised representative means any natural or legal person established within the EU who has received a written mandate from a radio equipment manufacturer to act on the manufacturer’s behalf in relation to the tasks specified in the mandate.

Importer means any natural or legal person established within the EU who places radio equipment from a third country on the EU market. 

Distributor means any natural or legal person in the supply chain, other than the manufacturer or the importer, who makes radio equipment available on the market. 

Fulfilment service provider means any natural or legal person offering, in the course of commercial activity, at least two of the following services: warehousing, packaging, addressing and dispatching, without having ownership of the products involved, excluding postal services and freight transport services.

Importers and distributors of radio equipment are considered radio equipment manufacturers and have the same obligations as manufacturers where they place radio equipment on the market under their name or trade mark or modify radio equipment already placed on the market in such a way that may affect its conformity.