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Front Page: Traficom

Renewing your driving licence

When your driving licence is about to expire, you are required to renew your driving licence if you want to continue driving. Use this service when you want to renew your driving licence.

You can use this service no earlier than 6 months before your current driving licence will expire. If your driving licence has already expired, you can use this service to renew it if no more than 2 years have passed since your group 1 driving licence for a moped, light quadri-mobile, tractor, motorcycle and/or passenger car expired or if no more than 1 year has passed since your group 2 driving licence for a lorry, bus or coach expired.

If you would like to both renew the licence and upgrade it to cover new categories, please visit a service point of Traficom's service provider Ajovarma. You should also visit a service point if you in connection with renewing the driving licence would like to downgrade your right to drive, i.e. remove all the group 2 driving licence categories.

In some specific cases, data on your fitness to drive will need to be retrieved from the Patient Data Repository. For more information, see the section below titled "Health data related conditions for using the service". Read more about renewing your driving licence here (External link).

If you have not yet added your email address to the service, you can do so by going to the Personal Information tab after you have logged in to the service. Add your email address before paying for the service. 

Ordering, payment and posting of the licence

1: Ordering

Renew your driving licence at My e-Services.

2: Payment

Pay for your order (EUR 24). The order will be submitted to be processed at Traficom.

3: Posting of the licence

The driving licence will arrive at your home address within six working days of making the order.

General requirements for using the service

  • You are not banned from driving.
  • Your driving licence will expire within the next 6 months, or
    • your group 1 driving licence expired no more than 2 years ago, or
    • your group 2 driving licence expired no more than 1 year ago.
  • You do not hold a driving licence issued in another EU or EEA country. By using this service, you consent to this information being verified against records in other EU and EEA member states.
  • You are not under the obligation to use an alcohol interlock when driving. Alcohol interlock-controlled driving rights must be renewed at Ajovarma's licence service points.
  • For the purpose of renewing your driving licence, your photograph and signature are available in electronic format in a register by the authorities. By submitting your driving licence application, you grant Traficom your permission to use the image and signature displayed by the e-Services, which have been retrieved from Traficom's image register or the police passport photo register, on your driving licence. Your photograph and signature will be available if
    • you have a valid personal identification card or passport
    • you provided a photograph and signature for a driving licence, driver card, professional competence card, ADR licence or a taxi driving licence in 2013 or have done so since then.
  • Your permanent address is in mainland Finland. Driving licences will be sent to the customer's official address in Finland, as stated in the population information system. If your address information is incorrect, please update it before submitting your order using the Notification of change of address service of Post and Digital and Population Data Services Agency at (External link).
  • You can log into the service using online bank identifiers or mobile recognition.

Health-related conditions for using the service

In some cases, data in your fitness to drive needs to be retrieved from the Patient Data Repository of the Kanta services. The service will retrieve the required data, which may be a prerequisite for using the service, with your consent. The data on you fitness to drive must be saved in the Patient Data Repository on the form F122 (medical report on fitness to drive). The medical report may not date back to more than six months.

Note: In order for the required data on your fitness to drive to be used in electronic form in Traficom, the health care provider you use (e.g. health centre or clinic) must save the certificate in the Patient Data Repository using a separate form application.  The form application is available only in a few health facilities so far. Please check the matter with your health care provider.

If you are required to retrieve data on your fitness to drive, but the data is not available electronically, you will not be able to use the service. In such cases, you will need to submit your driving licence permit application to a service point of Ajovarma, a Traficom service provider. There, you must prove that you meet the requirements for fitness to drive with a printed F122 form (medical report on fitness to drive) filled in by your physician.