Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Vehicle commissioning

This service is used for commissioning a car, motorcycle or any other vehicle. Commissioning will enter into force immediately after the notification. Commissioning is valid until further notice, and it cannot be done in advance, retrospectively or for a limited period. Please note that some of Traficom’s e-services and PDF forms are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

If your vehicle is unused for given periods of time, you can temporarily decommission it from traffic use and save on some of the vehicle costs. You must commission your vehicle before you operate it in traffic again. Commissioning is valid for an unlimited time, and it cannot be done in advance, retrospectively or for a limited period.

You can use your vehicle immediately after commissioning if the periodic inspection certificate and the motor vehicle liability insurance certificate are valid, registration plates are attached to the vehicle, and possible vehicle tax that has fallen due has been paid. The commissioning has succeeded once you enter the confirmation page.

Please note that if you commission a vehicle between two instances of decommissioning, a minimum of 10 euros in vehicle tax will always be charged for the time you use the vehicle.

Traficom can inform EEA countries and Åland about vehicle registration in Finland upon request

If a vehicle has been previously registered in Finland and is re-registered in Finland after being registered in an EEA country or Åland, Traficom can inform the relevant country or Åland about the matter at the customer’s request.

To make a request, please contact our customer service by telephone or email: (External link) 
(> Vehicle registration > Vehicle registration and registration plates advisory service).