Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Watercraft's change of ownership through e-services

The duties of a new owner include registering the watercraft under their name. The change of ownership must be completed within 30 days of concluding the deal.

Do as follows

1: Check your e-certificate

Check that you have a valid e-certificate or that the seller has drawn up a deed of transfer for you.

If you have been made a notification of transfer, the possible certificate is no longer available. In that case, change ownership using a notification of transfer.

Please note that if you do not have a digital certificate or a notification of transfer has not been created for you, you will not be able to use Traficom's eServices. Find the nearest registration point or submit the signed notification form and deed of transfer directly to Traficom.

2: Prepare to fill in a number of technical specifications on the watercraft and its engine

You can have a look at the registration form (External link) in advance to familiarise yourself with the required information.

3: Log in to our e-services

Identification is required to use the service. You must be aged 15 or over.

4: Select the service

If you have a e-certificate, select the Complete change of ownership using a  e-certificate service. Enter the e-certificate and the registration number.  

If a notification of transfer of the watercraft to you has been made, you can select the craft directly on the list and go to the Notify a change of ownership service.

5: Fill in the information

Complete the information of the owners/holders of the craft. As an identified user you are automatically the owner of the watercraft, and this information cannot be changed. Also fill in any other mandatory data on the watercraft that may be missing. 

6: Acknowledge and pay

Make the payment for the change of ownership and remember to click on the Return to the seller's service button to receive a confirmation and print your receipt. 

The registration number of the watercraft will not change as ownership is transferred. 


The registration certificate will be mailed to you in about two weeks.  

You may, however, use your watercraft already before the registration certificate reaches you. If necessary, the authorities can check the system to see that the watercraft has been registered and that the certificate is being issued. It is, however, a good idea to always keep the bill of sale in the watercraft when using it.

The estate of a deceased person can do the registration in the registration service points or sending the notification by post to Traficom.

Do as follows

1: Log in to the service

Only the owner has the right to make changes to the owner and holder information.

2: Select the watercraft for which you want to make the changes

3: Select the service “Change the owner and/or holder”

The person who is logged into the service is always automatically the owner, this cannot be changed.

4: Add or remove the owners/holders, declare the ownership structure, select the contact person and fill in your phone number and, if you wish, your email address

5: Check the information you have given

6: Pay for the registration

Pay for the ownership change and remember to press the Return to seller’s service button, after which you receive a confirmation and can print out the receipt.

You can also print out the receipt afterwards from My services.

You will receive the registration certificate via mail in two weeks' time.

However, you can use your watercraft before the registration certificate arrives. Authorities can check, when necessary, from their system that the watercraft is registered and the certificate is pending.