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Re-registration of watercraft

Re-registration of a watercraft deregistered from the register of a Local Register Office

If you cannot find your watercraft among the watercraft in your possession when completing procedures related to your watercraft, and you have not deregistered it, it may have been deregistered in connection with the legislative amendments on registration at Local Register Offices between 2007 and 2010.

Boats included in the Local Register Offices’ active register on 1 August 2014 were transferred to the register maintained by Traficom.

If the watercraft is still in use, it must be re-registered if it has been deregistered during a period when Local Register Offices were in charge of registration.

The watercraft will receive a new registration number in connection with the first registration. The registration number previously attached to the watercraft may be reattached to the watercraft concerned upon request if the number is available. In such cases, the transfer of registration numbers is free of charge, since the number will continue to be attached to the same watercraft.

The actual commissioning date of the watercraft will be considered the date of registration. If you do not know the exact date of commissioning but rather the year of commissioning, the first day of the year concerned will be indicated as the date of registration.

The first registration fee will be charged for the registration.

Take note

If you owned the watercraft already when Local Register Offices were in charge of registration but you no longer have the registration certificate from that time or a deed of transfer from the previous owner, you must submit your registration notification to Traficom. You cannot register the watercraft at one of Traficom’s partner companies that provide registration services. Please attach to your notification form as detailed description as possible about the history of the watercraft and how you became its owner. If you use our e-Services, please upload the description in place of the deed of transfer.

Applications are processed within 30 days.

Re-registration of a deregistered watercraft

If your watercraft has been deregistered during the period when Traficom was in charge of registration (after 1 August 2014), and you would like to re-register it, you must complete a new registration procedure. 

The registration number and the date of first registration will remain unchanged, and a change of ownership fee will be charged for the registration.

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