Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Traficom maintains a Transport Register, which contains information on watercraft (formerly known as the Watercraft Register).

Register data on watercraft is stored in order to improve the safety of water traffic and to prevent adverse effects due to the use of watercraft. The register is useful for control and rescue operations, and it is also used for planning the use of water areas.

The register is used to provide information on the number of boats and other watercraft used in Finland, and on their properties.

The register is also maintained to facilitate the investigation of watercraft and engine theft. Its data may also be used for communication if serious deficiencies have been detected in a certain type of watercraft. 

Please submit a notification on a change to watercraft register data within 30 days. After the change to register data, you will automatically receive a new registration certificate.

You must also submit a notification if the watercraft is destroyed, sold or transferred abroad or if it is permanently decommissioned.

What types of boats should be registered?

The Transport Register should include sailboats and motorboats with a hull length of at least 5.5 metres. Watercraft shall also be entered in the register when the engine power indicated by the manufacturer is at least 15 kW or more than 20 horsepower.

The registration obligation also applies to other motorised watercraft, such as water scooters, as well as the watercraft owned by the State and local authorities.

The registration obligation does not apply to

  • watercraft owned by the Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard
  • vessels and watercraft entered in the Register of Ships or the fishing vessel register
  • watercraft used only for competitions.

The watercraft registration information service will provide assistance where necessary:

  • by telephone at 029 534 5160
  • by email at

Where may a boat be registered?

You may visit our e-Services 24/7. Please note that some of Traficom's e-Services are only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Alternatively, you may personally visit an office of one of our service providers across Finland, or send an application and its annexes to Traficom. 

You can complete almost all registration procedures electronically or by personally visiting a registration service point.

Only the final deregistration of watercraft, applications for special identifiers and notifications of transfer to unknown persons should be sent directly to Traficom for processing.

Contact information:

Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
PO Box 320