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Front Page: Traficom

Change of address information in the transport register

Change of a person’s address

A change of information about your address will usually not require any action from you, since your data will be automatically transferred from the Population Register Centre to the transportrRegister.

You can check your personal information Traficom’s online service . If the information is not correct, you will need to update your data in the Population Information System (External link).

In certain situations, the data will not be automatically transferred. These exceptional situations are:

  1. PO Box and Poste Restante addresses

    You can have a PO Box or Poste Restante address with the transport register if you do not have any other address in the population register or if you have a security prohibition. Address information is automatically transferred from the Population Register.
  2. Address change of a deceased’s estate

    Information about the change of address of a deceased person’s estate is not transferred automatically to the transport register. Read more.

Change of company address

Companies or communities need not notify the address change of their main unit, since the information is automatically transferred from the Business Information System (YTJ) (External link) to the Transport Register.

If it is a question of a change of address of a location other than the main unit, or the company/community data cannot be found from the YTJ, notify Traficom’s online service using electronic identification, or using the form Company/community address change notification (Y323) (External link) (form is only in Finnish and in Swedish).