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Front Page: Traficom

Change in vehicle use information

When the use information entered in the register is changed, a registration notification must be made. A vehicle’s owner or holder can submit a notification at an inspection site providing vehicle registration services or through their own insurance company  on part II of the registration certificate. If you can be identified as the owner or holder of the vehicle entered in the register, you do not need part II.

You can get further information from an inspection office.

What are the options for a vehicle’s use information?

A vehicle's use information in the register can be:

  • Private
    • if the vehicle is in ordinary private use
  • Operation subject to licence
    • if a motorised vehicle is used for transporting persons under a taxi driving licence or a passenger transport licence, even on a part-time basis, or for taxi operation under a goods transport licence
    • note that a vehicle whose use is subject to licence has to undergo road-worthiness testing more frequently than a vehicle for private use
  • To be used for goods transport subject to licence
    • if a motorised vehicle is used under a goods transport licence or for professional transport of goods
  • Driving school vehicle
    • if the vehicle is used under a driving instruction permit for providing driving instruction (the use of private vehicles for providing instruction under a driving instructor permit is considered private use)
    • In situations where a driving school vehicle is used for transporting people part time in a taxi business, the vehicle’s use information can permanently be operation subject to licence
  • Rental without driver
    • if the vehicle is rented out
  • Sales stock (group motor liability insurance)
    • if the vehicle is in the sales warehouse of a car dealership (the vehicle must have a group motor liability insurance)