Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Errors in the registration details of a vehicle

If there are any errors in the registration details of your vehicle, you can request Traficom to correct these incorrect details. Corrections of the vehicle's technical data is done at a vehicle inspection station that provides registration inspections.

If the correction of the registration details will have an impact on another party, such as the previous owner or holder of the vehicle, the correction request must be signed by both parties. Alternatively, both parties can submit their own separate correction request to Traficom. In both cases, both parties must agree on the registration details that need to be corrected.  If the parties disagree on something, for example on the transfer date, the detail cannot be corrected.

However, the transfer date must correspond to reality: for example, attempting to avoid the Finnish Motor Insurer’s Centre’s penalty fee for not taking out insurance is not a valid reason for correcting the vehicle’s transfer date. 

Specify why the registration details need to be corrected. Remember to include any necessary documents in your request that will help explain the error, such as a deed of transfer that has been signed by both parties. 


Sending a request for correction

You can submit a request for correction to Traficom either

  • by email to kirjaamo(at) (you can write your request in the email’s message field, and each party can submit their own if necessary) or
  • by mail to Liikenne- ja viestintävirasto Traficom, PL 320, 00059 TRAFICOM.

Remember to include your contact details (phone number, email) in your correction request in case you need to be contacted for any additional information.