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Front Page: Traficom

Lost or damaged registration plates

You can order a new registration plate to replace a lost or damaged one from an inspection station that offers registration services. When placing your order, you will be required to provide a written statement on how the plate was lost or damaged. You can pick up your plate(s) two weeks after placing your order.

After you have ordered a new plate to replace a lost one, you may use a temporary registration plate on your vehicle for up to one month.


If both plates have been lost, it is recommended that you change the registration number of your vehicle. The inspection station will then issue you a new set of plates with your new registration number, which will help you avoid any traffic-related difficulties with for example the police or Finnish customs.

If you would like to keep your old registration number, be aware that you may be stopped by the police, since the report on your stolen plates will still be in the police’s register.

If the plates for your vehicle have been seized by the authorities, you can pick up your plates from the inspection station after you have completed the measures required by the authority in question. Please note that the inspection station will store the seized registration plates for a maximum of 3 months, after which they will be scrapped.