Front Page: Traficom
Front Page: Traficom

Scrapping a vehicle and its final deregistration

You can permanently deregister your vehicle by submitting it for recycling free of charge to Finnish Car Recycling Ltd’s (External link) official take-back point.

The vehicle will be received at the take-back point, and you will receive a certificate of destruction. The take-back point will ensure the deregistration of your vehicle. 

Passenger cars and vans must always be submitted to the official take-back point for scrapping in order for them to be deregistered.

Vehicles in other vehicle categories may also be scrapped elsewhere. If you have the vehicle scrapped somewhere other than an official take-back point, you must personally ensure the deregistration of the vehicle. This can be done by submitting a Report on destruction of vehicle (B144)  to the Traficom Registry office. The report must be accompanied by a certificate issued by the party in charge of scrapping the vehicle or another reliable report on how the vehicle was scrapped.