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Front Page: Traficom

Vehicles subject to registration obligation

As a rule, a motor vehicle to be used in traffic and a trailer attached to such a vehicle must be registered. Any changes to registered vehicles must be submitted (External link) to the register within a specific time frame.

The registration obligation applies to the vehicle’s owner and holder. Neglecting to submit a registration notification is a vehicle offence. Such negligence may lead to the police seizing the registration plates of the vehicle and imposing a fine.

Exceptions to the registration obligation

The registration obligation does not apply to:

  • vehicles used solely at a construction site, factory, port, storage area, competition area or any similar area separate from public traffic (including off-road traffic and pedestrians)
  • off-road vehicles other than snowmobiles
  • heavy snowmobiles used outside snowmobile routes
  • motor-driven machinery constructed or equipped for crop production, harvesting or road maintenance (e.g. combine harvesters, graders), or tractors constructed to be steered while walking, or any similar motor-driven machinery
  • trailers intended to be coupled to a category L vehicle, a tractor, motor-driven machinery or an off-road vehicle
  • towable devices intended to be coupled to vehicles other than cars
  • sleighs.

Even if a vehicle is not subject to the registration obligation, motor liability insurance may be required for it in certain situations. For further information on insurance requirements, contact your insurance company or the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre (External link).

Registration obligation for quads or ATVs

Legislation on vehicles does not recognise the vehicle type known as a ‘quad’ or an ‘ATV’. If a quad or an ATV has EC type approval in one of the following vehicle categories, it has to be registered if operated in traffic on public roads:

  • three-wheel moped (category L2e)
  • tricycle (L5e)
  • light quadricycle (L6e)
  • quadricycle (L7e).

All other types of quads and ATVs are considered off-road vehicles and cannot be registered for traffic on public roads.