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Front Page: Traficom

Business location IDs

What is a location ID?

A location ID is a letter following a company’s business ID which enables the different locations of a business operating under the same business ID to be differentiated from one another in the Transport Register.

How can a company notify its location ID?

Notify the location at an inspection station that offers registration services when a vehicle is being registered and the information about the new location will be entered in the Transport Register.

What is the benefit to the company from having a location ID?

Having a location ID allows vehicles in a company’s control to be registered in the name of a specific office. A company may also require location specific vehicle data for invoicing or reporting for example.

A company can notify Traficom of a separate billing address for invoicing vehicle tax. If a company has a lot of vehicles, it may enter into an agreement for all vehicles to be invoiced monthly with a collective invoice. The notification regarding the invoicing address or invoicing agreement must be made separately for each location.


How can a company notify a new address for its business location?

The address of a business location can be changed in the “Organisation details” section of Traficom’s My e-Services by a person who has the right to represent the company or who has been granted a mandate for the category “Maintenance of transport operator data and permits”. Read more: Electronic transport services and e-Authorizations 

The change of address can also be notified in writing to the customer service for vehicle registration and registration plate advice.

How can a company notify the termination of a business location?

The termination of a business location can be notified in writing to the customer service for vehicle registration and registration plate advice.  

Before the business location is closed down, any vehicles owned or held by the location must registered under the ownership of the company’s head office or another business location. Read more: Change the owner and holder data of a vehicle you already own 

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