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Front Page: Traficom

Exceptional situations where a decommissioned vehicle may be used

A decommissioned vehicle must not be driven before it has been commissioned except in the exceptional situations given below. Misuse will incur a tax surcharge of at least  € 1,000.  

1. Up to the end of the day on the date of the decommissioning notification, if your vehicle insurance is valid and your registration plates are still attached. 

2. Taking the most direct route for a roadworthiness inspection at the time reserved for it, and from there to the place where the vehicle is kept, or where it can be repaired. Your vehicle insurance must be valid and your registration plates must be still attached.

The right to move the vehicle for roadworthiness testing only applies to the vehicle's immediate transfer to the inspection office for the tests to be carried out. For example, the transfer of a vehicle to a garage before the roadworthiness inspection is not permitted without a transfer permit or the commissioning of the vehicle. 

3. Transfer permit

4. Test plate certificate 

5. Using a temporary registration certificate (export registration certificate) 

6. Using a trailer or by towing the vehicle with one axle off the ground However, please confirm an acceptable method of transfer with your insurance company.

  • The Road Traffic Act contains more specific provisions on towing.
  • NB! According to the new Road Traffic Act, the use of a dolly is not allowed from 1 June 2020